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Causes of Sewer Odours

Many things cause sewer odour. The possible causes of the smell depend on whether or not a property has its own septic system or if its waste system is connected to the waste management system of the area. As the smell of sewage is completely embarrassing, not to mention the fact that it is a health hazard, it has to be diagnosed in order to be sorted out right away.

Water Traps
Homes connected to city sewage systems can have smells coming from traps in the laundry tub, toilets, or tub drains. These parts of the home can smell of sewage from not being used for a long time. Water settles under these areas and dries up, and when this happens, sewage goes up the trap and settles, causing the odour.

To solve this problem, run some water through the trap to restore water in it. Then place vegetable oil down the drain. This should form an oil seal and keep the drain from evaporating fast.

Toilet Wax Rings
A house with its own septic system can suffer from the same problem mentioned above, but it can also suffer from other problems which, fortunately, can be fixed before calling in experts. One such problem is a bad wax ring, the cause of which is a rocking toilet. Solving this problem requires the removal of the toilet and the scrapping and replacement of the wax ring.

If the above does not work, one can place shims under the toilet so it becomes level again. Afterwards, place caulk near the base to prevent the appearance of gaps.

Broken or Cracked Sewage Line
Septic and sewer lines can, at times, break due to digging or the weather in the area. This serious problem causes sewage to be pumped into other parts of the property instead of the city sewage lines or the septic tank system. As water gathers around the leak, the part of the property nearest to the leak will end up saturated. The property owner will need to dig the area up and look for the leak. Upon having found the leak, it can then be spliced for repair. If no saturation is found, the property owner will need to contact a local plumber to check the leak.

Septic Overflow
Septic systems outside of the house can end up overflowing due to use. Keep in mind that sewage saturates around the septic system due to years of use, causing odours. Owners will then need to find the location of their septic systems by pushing a rod through the area that has become saturated until it hits the septic system.

Once the location of the septic system is found, the owner should then dig down until he reaches the top portion of the septic tank and outward until its top is fully exposed. After exposing the top, it should then be removed so a septic tank professional can sort it out for you.