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Clogged Plumbing Tips

If the plumbing system is malfunctioning, it can cause a number of health related problems, in addition to being unhygienic. If the drainage system is clogged, water and dirt that should get drained away into the sewerage system will accumulate resulting in a number of health problems as disease carrying pests like mosquitoes and microbes flourish in the accumulated dirt. Hence it is advisable to use some basic clogged plumbing tips to unclog the drains, so that the accumulated dirty water drains way, and there is no further clogging of drains.


One of the most basic tips for unclogging the drains is to check the area where the water is accumulating and not draining as quickly as desired. Often some piece of cloth, plastic, paper or some other item may have fallen in the water drainage bath, which is blocking the flow of water. Removing this item will usually result in quick drainage of water. In case of bathrooms in offices and other public areas, it is advisable to post a notice warning the bathroom users not to throw large items in the toilet as this could cause clogged drains, put the items in the dustbin, so that they may be disposed of quickly.

Even if there is no external item blocking the drainage of water, it is advisable to remove the cover of the drain to check if there is any accumulation of substances. Many times human hair will accumulate in the drain pipes and bends over a period of time forming a ball resulting in clogging of the drains. Physically removing this hair and other similar dirt, will unclog the drains. Another way to unclog drains is by using chemical solvents which will dissolve all organic and some inorganic residues due to chemical reactions.. These chemical solvents are highly corrosive and should be handled carefully to avoid damaging the skin. If everything fails, it is advisable to call a plumber cremorne.