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Prevent Clogged Drains Tips

Every once in a while, homeowners witness a case of clogged or slow moving drain causing them a lot of inconvenience. However, this does not have to be the case anymore. In this short article, you will get 3 quick tips on how to prevent clogged drains in your bathroom, kitchen, toilet and any other area. However, before we get started, I would like you to note that the blockage you witness in your home does not happen in one day. It accumulates slowly over time causing the pipe to become slower and slower. At some point, normally after several months, the clog achieves a mass that is capable of causing a total shut down of your system. As such, prevent clogged drain tips focus on eradicating this mass.


Prevent clogged drain tips # 1


Leftover food particles scraps and waste are one of the major causes of clogged drains. You should avoid emptying these into your drains since they are insoluble and they end up settling in the pipe resulting to blockage. To make the matter worse, they commence to rot in your system giving out bad smell that is too hard to tolerate. Ideally, drain these in trash before washing your dishes.


Prevent clogged drain tips # 2


Liquid grease is another major cause of clogged pipes. But often, pouring them down the drain appears like the most attractive way of disposing them but don’t; they will adhere to the inner surface of your drainage and cause massive blockage. You should transfer them to a sealed container and pour them to your garbage container.


Prevent clogged drain tips # 3


Hair is another common cause for clogged drains. Make effort to keep hair away from finding its way into your kitchen, toilet and bathroom drains. Ideally, place Sims in your bathtubs and showers and dispose of the hair at least once in a week.

In conclusion, to prevent your drains from blockage, you just need to keep insoluble particle from getting into them.