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An Overview of Types of Plungers

Plungers are arguably the most useful tools especially when it comes to handling of all sorts of clogs. It is easier to learn on how to clear a clog using plungers. It is really important that you use plungers when clearing clogs as they are simple and effective to use.


Plungers are designed for use on different types of drain. There are two major types of plungers. The most common type is the short-handled cup plunger. This plunger has got flat rubber suction on the bottom. Short handled cup plunger is designed for use in shower drains, baths and sinks and any other area where the surface is flat. This is because these plungers need an area that allows smooth fitting and easily covered.


Another type of plunger is the ball plunger. This type has got an extra piece of rubber that helps in the formation of a disposal seal. There are also two categories of the ball plunger. Both types have longer handle and runner bottoms that are used to match the shape and the size of the trap opening in that is within the bowl. A ball plunger has an extra flange than the sink counterpart so as to aid in forming of a proper seal.


Other types of plunger include:


• Accordion plunger – This plunger is best suited for clearing toilet clogs. This is because it has got a well-designed small cup. This plunger is very powerful but not as versatile as such.


• The taze plunger- it is used to clear large pipes. This pipe has got a disc that is well designed to easily fit into specific sizes and shapes of pipes. This plunger is not an option for homeowners because it is not meant for typical household operations.


• Bellows plunger- has the ability of delivering more power as compared to other types of plungers such as ball plungers.