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Need urgent help on hot water problems? Don’t be troubled. At Plumber Vaucluse, we ensure to take care of all your plumbing emergencies at the soonest possible time. Our emergency plumbing engineers are certified and highly skilled to handle various types of plumbing emergencies including:

  • Leaks or burst pipes
  • Hot water emergencies
  • Blocked drains

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A nasty plumbing emergency in Vaucluse

The dog was soaking wet. Ruby stared at him for a moment before pushing him off the couch. He knew better than to do that! And then she began to wonder why he was wet. He was dripping with water. She didn’t have a pool, and there was no way he had that much water in his drinking bowl. She stood up and quickly checked the laundry where she kept all of the dog’s things. The room was dry and intact. His water bowl sat undisturbed in the corner. She walked out to the veranda but only made it halfway there when she heard the sound of running water in the kitchen. Knowing the dishwasher wasn’t on, she changed course. The floor was covered in a pool of water. It was oozing out from under the doors under her sink. She raced outside and shut the water off at the mains before she had a closer look at the damage, already knowing she’d be seeing a plumber shortly.

The local Vaucluse Plumber arrived on time, with covers on over his work boots to protect her floors. She showed him to the kitchen where she’d mopped up as much water as she could. The cupboard doors beneath the sink were open and the soggy contents of the cupboard sat on the bench top. The Neighbourhood Plumber quickly saw what had happened. The flexible hose connecting to one of the taps had burst from age, spraying water everywhere. It was a simple case of replacing it. He retrieved the necessary components from his truck and returned to the kitchen. The Neighbourhood Plumber removed the old, damaged hose and connected the new one. Once done, he turned on the water supply and tested his work. Next, he did a walkthrough of the house, pointing out a couple of stiff taps that Ruby would need to have looked at in the future. Ruby thanked him and promised that she’d call him next time she had a problem, taking a business card to stick on her fridge. The Plumbed mopped up most of the water under the sink, tidied up the job area, packed his tools and left a much dryer kitchen behind.

Do you have a Plumbing Emergency in Vaucluse that you need dealt with, fast? Contact your local Neighbourhood Plumber, regardless of the hour, now on 0422 004 555!!

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