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Maintenance Tankless Water Heater

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Tankless water heaters just like any other heat exchanging gadgets require periodical maintenance to keep it functioning at an optimum level. A common problem with them is the accumulation of lime scale over a period of time. This coat of minerals accumulates over time resulting to serious efficiency hiccups. This takes toll on your finances as it takes a much longer burner cycles, meaning consuming much power. It also shortens the lifespan of the heater, thus needing to spend more on replacement.

Installation and maintenance.

Proper installation is the first step in maintaining your heater. There are various factors one need to consider before installation. This includes the following.

· Safety precautions.

· Fuel type.

· Climate of the region

· Local building code requirements.

It is therefore highly recommended to consult a qualified plumber and a heating contractor top does your installation.


Water fluctuation problems.

In case of a low flow of water from the heater, check the input filter. You then turn off the cold supply, remove the filter and check for debris and coatings. Clean the filter, replace it and check the flow again.

Hard water troubles.

Some areas have hard water that has high levels of magnesium and calcium. This is what forms the lime scale. It is recommended that the water is first treated with a softener. Avoid using reverse osmosis method as it will destroy the heat exchanger.

Wrong gas pressure.

Regulate the working pressure between 5-10 inches WC for the natural gas and 91/2-14 inches for liquid propane. This will depend with the model.

Wrong vents.

Avoid the use of normal B-vent as it quickly damages the heat exchanger. It is unsafe too. Therefore its recommended to use sealed stainless steel vent pipe.

Gas supply line issues.

Do not connect the gas line without confirming the size . The minimum size is inch. However this size is only good for certain lengths. Recommended use is the maximum BTU per hour rating, not the minimum.

Those are some of the important aspects to see so as to maintain a tankless water heater.